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Villas for rent in Apokoronas Chania with a swimming pool and a well-kept garden. Elianthos villas situated in the heart of Vamos village, is a small town and former municipality in the Chania regional, Crete. 

It is situated on a small hill at an altitude of 190 metres (623 feet) above sea level, about 25 kilometres (16 miles) away from the towns of Chania and Rethymnon. 

In Vamos you will have several traditional restaurants, bank, bakery, snack bars and shops in the village, as well as many public services, such as a fully equipped health center, schools, police station, and the regional court for the regions of Apokoronas and Sfakia. 

Elianthos villas it is an ideal choice for those who want a quiet and relaxing getaway with family or friends, close to most key destinations in a traditional environment.

The major beaches are about 10 minutes drive. The swimming pool is located in the middle of the complex and it is surrounded by beautiful olive trees and wild flowers making it a perfect place for those who want to enjoy some ice-cold coffee under the shadows of the trees after a cooling dip in the water.

All  you can hear is the sound of the crickets hidden in the wild nature. Our guests can enjoy the sun, the beautiful nature and not to forget our unique Cretan Hospitality

The complex consists of two apartments 50 and 60 square meters each, as well as two maisonettes 65 and 75 square meters each. 

Both apartments feature one bedroom, one bathroom, a fully equipped open plan kitchen, a living room with a fireplace and a balcony offering amazing views of the Apokoronas mountains as well as the White mountains. Each apartment can host from 2 up to 4 guests. 

The maisonettes on the other hand consist of one double bedroom, two bathrooms, a fully equipped open plan kitchen and a living room, as well as two balconies with the amazing views of the beautiful nature and mountains of Apokoronas. Both maisonettes can host up to 5 guests each. 

Hot water, wifi, satellite tv and Air Condition are available in all our rooms.

Traditional tavern offering genuine Cretan food are just 150 meters away. There is free on-site parking.

The village is said to have been founded by Arab invaders during the 8th century, which sought refuge in Crete after being expelled from Andalusia. 

The first official record of the name (Vamo/Vamu) is found on a map of 1577 made by Francesco Barozzi, and according to the Venetian census of 1583 it had 271 inhabitants. The village followed the fate of the rest of Western Crete when the Ottomans invaded the broader area of Apokoronas in 1646 and remained relatively small until the mid-19th century. 

According to the Egyptian census of 1834, it is mentioned as Vamos, being inhabited by 30 Christian and 15 Muslim families. Due to its strategic position over the main road from Chania to Rethimno and Heraklion, the village became the seat of a municipality in 1881, and in 1866 Vamos was chosen by Savva Paşa as the capital of the Liva (District) of Sfakia. 

Within the next years, the village went through a period of increased development, which saw the construction of new public buildings with neoclassical elements, such as the Governorate (Konak/Seray), the Ottoman barracks, water tanks and schools, among which the famous Parthenagogio (Girls’ School), which today functions as a municipal hostel. Most of the judicial, political, and military authorities of the broader area were seated in the village. 

Therefore it is often found in public documents of the era as Saraylıköy, which means “the village with the palace.” For exactly the same reason, the village repeatedly became the target of Christian revolutionaries during the numerous Cretan revolts of the 19th century. Many of its buildings suffered great damage during the revolt of 1878, which were restored by Mahmut Paşa in 1892. One of the most renown events, however, is the siege and fall of Vamos to the revolutionaries under Leonidas Malekakis (Papamalekos) during the revolt of 1895-6, an event that forced the Greek government to revise its policy on the Cretan Question and the European Powers to intervene decisively for its settlement. T

he result was a preliminary treaty between the revolutionaries and the Ottoman authorities in 1896, which was soon to be followed by the last revolt of 1897 and the withdrawal of the Ottoman army, allowing the creation of the Cretan State, a de facto independent state which remained typically under Ottoman suzerainty until the Balkan Wars of 1912- 1913, when it eventually united with Greece.

Right below the main square at the top of the hill, one can find the old quarter of Vamos. A group of locals decided to set up here Vamos SA, an enterprise devoted to preserving local heritage and customs, by encouraging a sustainable form of tourism. In this context, several old houses have been refurbished in order to provide accommodation for visitors, and within the next few years, a few tavernas showed up, an art gallery, some picturesque cafés, and a general store selling local products.

Vamos Culture

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Vamos is one of the most alluring traditional destinations in the area because of the well-preserved architectural heritage, the old neighborhood, the chapel of the Virgin Mary (a monument from the thirteenth century), and the Karydi monastery (from the thirteenth to the nineteenth century), which is home to an incredible olive mill with twelve arches.

From Elafonissi lagoon and Falaserna beach to the tropical shores of Kedrodasos and Chrissi, from the hidden beaches in the wild gorges of Sfakia and Asteroussia to the emerald bays of Triopetra and Plakias, Crete offers the ultimate combination of carefree holidays and natural beauty.

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